Our Story

Nothing could sound more cliché: two poets who met at an Amherst , Massachusetts bookstore. Despite the stereotype, this is what happened, though thankfully they were not the typecast -- Kevin reading from his first book in Carhartts, Kim in her old mountaineering fleece. Kevin, originally from Western Montana, had just completed his MFA at U-Mass and was living on a small farm. Kim was living close-by in Northampton, adjunct teaching at U-Conn. On the night they met they knew, ardently and importantly, only one certainty about each other: poetry takes precedence over all else.   

Over the next twelve years together they’d evolve into experienced writers, professors and editors. Husband and wife. Parents. Still, at the center: poetry. Each brings into the partnership another sense of self – the mountains. Kevin spent ten years working as an elite wildland firefighter. Kim had been a mountaineer in Wyoming.

Kevin and Kim bring to K-2 Editing their combined literary experience of eight full-length collections of poetry, each from national presses. Among his other prestigious book awards, Kevin is the the recipient of the Fort Juniper/Robert Francis Trust Residency, was a featured reader at the Dodge Poetry Festival, and has also served on the Alice James Books board of Editors for three years. Beyond her book awards, Kim is the recipient of the Poetry International C.P. Cavafy Prize, the Black Warrior Review Prize and the Sonora Review prize. Together, Kevin and Kim have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize over six times.